Dec 7, 2011


I had the idea to make replicas of Greek bust as artifacts out of latex and make them jiggle with an internal motor. I never got around to doing that, but after looking at WAG's space I was reminded of my plan to animate the busts. This project is the outcome of that idea.

Nov 7, 2011

"One and Four"

"One and Four" by Anthony Antonellis, is a site specific gif installation made for the Widget Art Gallery where three 10-second animations are looped within a forth.

Oct 6, 2011

'Operatic Narcoleptic'

Making found gif collages, extracting dynamic pieces that are sexy, violent, poignant, & hilarious and repurposing them for my own mysterious needs. It's sort of art of participation that illuminates to me how I define myself as an artist. Lorna's site

Jul 18, 2011

Happening, soon.

The waiting is action itself: it's a movement aiming to something that is going to happen. Bluring the line beteewn the artist and the viewer, she performs an archetype of what happens into art galleries and creates a paradox: while the waiting has its ending, here it becomes endless.